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Took Away
Santa Claws
Never Ending Blinking Light

Across The Room

Took Away

In shades of light she cannot see
a girl is standing on her own,
who crippled by her on decree,
Refuses knowing that she stands

Beneath her carven clouds of gray
continues being still alone
and silent as she slips away
The blood that drips from broken hands.

Took herself,
herself away.

I watched you with hollow eyes
as you wept your vitrial
Then I felt your tear was cold
steeped in blood and alcohol

When your hope all-hollowed died
with it fell your lifted wings
no sound beside your shattered cry
the sorrowed song your shadow sings.

Took herself,
herself away.

She needs not I, my open wings
to shade her now, with no more sun
With folded wings I stand resigned
and softly sing a dirge of one
a solemn note that gently rings
within the grey-haired clouds above
As black her dress, her eyes, her mind
now lie in dust with death, her love

I once looked up to you
who I look down on now
With your put out eyes
With your put out eyes
Stare blankly all around.

I look back on my life
remembering a time
When I followed you
When I followed you
Why should I follow now

Took yourself,
yourself away.


Wake up in the morning with pain in the head,
Wrenching at my ear, I want it dead,
What do I need Earigation

Go to the doctor what I need, Earigation
Add a couple of drops of magic fluid
don't stand like an ancient druid
lay around and let it sink in thats what I did,
10 minutes on my side, magic fluid loosening is how I lied.

Rice Krispies in my ear, amplified hearing never fear,
hours and hours locked away, lots of money I got to pay,
sitting on the patients chair, listen well, stay aware.

Pulling out a syringe filled with alcohol push it in,
Spraying pressure,
Spraying pressure.

High pressure winds try to knock it clean, Earigation, hearing what you mean,
Taking a trip down the earicannal and you know it was clogged like a log,
it was about 3feet long.
Take out the water, take out the thruster,
Take out the alcohol, open up and buster.

Santa Claws

Santa Claws is coming to your town
Hes not happy or Jolly like a clown
He's got claws of steel and
a stomach thats round

He's got one special present
for everyone
he'll slash you while your sleeping
just because he thinks its fun.

He used to bring presents
he'd put them under your tree
he would eat your cookies
and charge no other fee

He could not take it anymore
just one too many kids stayed up
he had bad cookies
and milk from a dirty cup

He knows who's been naughty
He knows who's been nice
He doesn't care now,
cause he'll put everyone on ice

He snapped one day
when an elf asked him for a raise
and beat him to a daze.

He knows when you are sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He'll get you while you're sleeping
and make you never wake.

He's got a sack in which to keep the boys and girls
He'll take as many as he can
He'll cut you while your sleeping
and put you in the sand.

Never Ending Blinking Light

The night is dark and everything is wierd
I really don't know why I have this beard

I don't know where I am or where I've been,
I'm gonna go to a place I've never seen.
I'm going to take it all,
I'm going to take
take it away.

Where can we go where theres no one around,
There's nowhere left I've suddenly found,
In this night I travel into the unknown,
and there I find I'm not alone.

I flee away and search again
I look and look it's not the ent,
Life is precious, what a crock,
I'll wire you up and then you'll stop.

A single biker riding by,
I'd kill that scum, but the gun was dry.

It's not lonelyness, it's not a need,
It's a goddamn thirst that I did not feed.
Never ending blinking light,
I keep on staring but there is not fright.

Where do you live shall I bring you home?
Where do you live, are we all alone?
Searching for you, looking for you,
Searching for you, looking for you,
Wondering where you are,

Searching for the aloneness,
Getting away from the shrieking hiss

ATR(Across The Room)

Disconnected single eye, you cannot scream or moan
Disconnected from the mind, you've got one of your own

I see you, across the room giving me the evil eye
You're staring at me and you want me to fry
You've got the power, you've got the control
You're looking through me like I'm just a black hole

You think you know me, and you're not afraid
You've got the power and that you will not trade
You're in you're secluded world with much to learn
With strong attention there could be much to earn

Breaking the stance, beating the can'ts
Moving away taking a chance
Looking through the glass, what do you see?
A vision of blood, a vision of me.

Living in the glass through which you cannot pass
The power and the eye never shall it cry
Split from reality or is it just me
Living alone not another can there be

Never bewildered never ever stressed
Always in control never at rest
Mentally aware but subconsciously existing
when your there it's so horridly tormenting

All songs written by Make It Stop, copyright © 1997